Istanbul Travel Guide

Truly, there is no other city like Istanbul.  Spanning two continents (Asia and Europe), this bustling and busy city also offers the traveler a beguiling mix of traditional and modern, the historical and the fanciful, the laid-back and the adventurous.  Western and Oriental, the ordinary and the magical, the mysterious and exotic, all mix with the everyday ordinariness of things.  These, and, oh, so much more, are what you can expect from Istanbul.  Oh, yes, the city has numerous faces to show to the visitor, and all of them are equally interesting!istanbul sunsetIstanbul can be no less than this.  After all, it was once the heart of not just one but numerous majestic empires (Christian Byzantine, the Roman Empire and Islamic Ottoman).  During its heyday, it wielded extraordinary power as the historical, economic and cultural capital of Turkey.The illustrious city figured in many a historical moment.  In its modern setting today, you can still see the legacy that its status as a capital of great empires has afforded it.  Add to this the fact that it stands on two continents, and you will realize that Istanbul is a melting pot in the truest sense of the world.

Thus, you have your ruins, churches and mosques, breathtaking palaces and bath-houses (hamams) interspersed with the most modern shopping malls, chic boutiques, up and coming nightclubs and bars and skyscrapers.  We tell you, the city’s many attractions will keep you busy for a long while.hagia sophia istanbulWhat’s more, it was, in its heyday – and even until now, an important military post and shipping port.  It wielded its power and influence as a center of world trade.  Istanbul, and the rest of Turkey, still bears some of the scars from the wars that were fought just to gain this coveted site.Today, Istanbul stands as one of the largest cities in Europe, and even the world.  It is also Turkey’s largest city, with a population of around 12 to 19 million.So, come on, delve into the magic and splendor that is Istanbul.  We guarantee, once you get to know this city, you’ll fall under its spell.Simply Istanbul aims to give you all the information you need to know to make your vacation to Istanbul an unforgettable one.  Let this be your travel guide as you explore this wonderful city.  In here, you will see many useful facts that will ensure that you experience Istanbul in the best way possible.  Get to know the city, its illustrious history, the beauty it offers and the multi-faceted, yet ever colorful views.  In this travel guide, you can get practical information for a host of topics, such as the background of the city, its major sights and itineraries, its fascinating architecture.