Istanbul is a land of interesting contrasts.  Because of its role as the capital of great empires such as the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, it is no surprise that it is a place where you can have your fill of architecture.  Indeed, the arts and architecture of Istanbul stands as national treasures, things that are definitely worth looking at.

Sadly, some of the older establishments did not survive the many sieges and sackings that the harem topkapi palacecity experienced.  The destruction of a number of structures in Istanbul will forever be our loss.  However, a surprising number has survived and stand as reminders of the city’s glorious past.  There are also a number of modern structures that will catch your eye.

A tour of the architectural gems of Istanbul is done on foot.  That way, you can stop and take a leisurely look at the different structures.  You can even go inside some, so that you can have more in-depth knowledge of these fine examples of architecture.
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