Seeing the convergence of East and West is an everyday experience for expats living in Istanbul. New expats need not worry as there are more than 250,000 foreigners living there. Expats flock to Istanbul because of its enormous diversity. Within just one city, you can find positive energy and unrestricted vibrancy.

istanbul-livingIstanbul offers a wide range of lifestyle choices and alternatives you can find your perfect spot. The city is a great place for youngsters and dynamic singletons to start a new life in Turkey. This pulsating city is very hectic, fast paced, and truly global. Also both the accommodation and employment options are fantastic. Also, many expats find adjusting to the Istanbul lifestyle easy because of the locals that are welcoming, friendly, and helpful, not to mention interesting.

Many expats would say that living in this Turkish city costs a lot more than you think. Well, it depends on your lifestyle. You can live expensively in the more costly suburbs, where much more is going on. It can also get insanely pricey if you always get out and do a lot of expensive things, go to posh places, and drive a car. But you can always choose to live cheaply, buy your food from the weekly market, and live in the outer, less expensive suburbs.

Traffic in Istanbul is terrible and parts of the city are a sea of dusty streets with very little trees and unsightly apartment buildings. There are also foreigner prices, which can be very annoying. But when you see the charm and beauty of the city and experience the warmth of the local people, all is forgiven!