If you are an inveterate photographer, Istanbul is the city for you.  You just can’t resist clicking that shutter as there are plenty of subjects to photograph.  Magificent mosques, historic buildings, avant-garde shopping malls, the people themselves – these are all worthwhile subjects.  The best thing to do is to wake up early in the morning and visit the major sights even before the tourists have had time to clutter your pictures.  Feel free to lug your trusty camera everywhere.  You never know when your next great shot will be.
istanbul golden horn scene
As for photos from the water, try getting on a sightseeing cruise of the Bosphorus, the Sea or Marmara or the Golden Horn.  These tours typically stop at all the places of interest.  These also give you great opportunities to get the best pictures of the city from the water.
mustache istanbul
Now, if you are thinking of taking pictures of a local, it wouldn’t hurt to ask permission before you take the picture.  That way, you don’t risk offending your subjects.
view from galata tower 2
In addition, if you are thinking of taking aerial photos of the city, well, we are sorry to say that there are no available helicopter or airplane tours over Istanbul.  The next best thing is to get up, up, up – right to the top of the Galata Tower.  This can provide you will excellent panoramic views of Istanbul.  The best time to go would be at around sundown.

sultanahmet squareWe also have our photos of the city.  We are sure that the free photos of Istanbul that are posted here would do wonders in enticing you to visit the country.  These photos sure are wonderful to look at, but we tell you, nothing beats the real thing.   So do try to visit Istanbul, it sure is worth it!