Explore Istanbul

What makes a trip successful?  Have you stopped and thought about all the trips you made and what trips were remembered most fondly?  For most cases, it is a mixture of careful planning and the ability to go with the flow.

You need to know where you want to go, how you can get there and what places you want to see.  But of course, a good vacation is not one that is exactly cut and dried.  You would also want to allow for spontaneity.
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This section covers very useful and practical tips for your trip to Istanbul.  We’ll tell you what phrases are useful (especially when you want to order a drink and the bartender isn’t fluent in English), tips to make sure that your visa is in order, the holidays that may be a reason why stores are closed, and a lot more.  You should also look into contingencies, especially for emergency situations.
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We want to provide you with all the information and tips you need to have a hassle and comfortable holiday.  Then, when you have all the basics ironed out, then you can start thinking about the “extras” – side trips to places not in your itinerary, an unexpected stop to a shop that captured your fancy, or simple things that, when combined, are guaranteed to give you one of the best vacations you ever had.

Here are some things you can look into:
–    Useful Istanbul Phrases and Trivia
–    Istanbul Visa: What you need to get a Visa to Istanbul
–    Holidays in Istanbul: What’s the best time to go?
–    Istanbul Embassies
–    Tourist Information
–    Istanbul Safety and Emergency