Rent a car

Driving around Istanbul would definitely require most of your skills as a driver.  This option is the least recommended.  You will have to contend with unfamiliar streets, the other drivers (some who drive manically and who honk every chance they get), as well as the fact that it’s so hard to find any decent parking space.  You will also have to be on the watch for theft, as there is a high incidence of petty theft (including what’s in your glove compartment and backseat) in the city.

car-rental-300x173Nonetheless, if you’re one brave soul, you are free to drive at your own risk. Remember that you must have an international driver’s license for at least a year and be at least 21 years old.  When renting a car, you also have to leave a credit card as deposit to the rental company.

Some Tips when driving around Istanbul:
–    Things to check before driving out of the car rental parking lot – check the brakes, your insurance coverage, and all the necessary things to ensure that you have a good and safe time driving the car.
–    When parking on the side streets, you can ask a guard to watch the car for you.
–    Be careful not to get towed – there are a number of towing services in the city and you may have a hard time finding your car.  The fee to get your car back would be around $50.
–    Be sure to follow the speed limits in the city (for urban areas, you should not exceed 50 kilometers per hour).

Most of the car rental companies can be found at the airport.

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