Useful Phrases

If only we could communicate and get rid of any barriers using sign language!  Then we wouldn’t have a hard time searching for the right signal for “Where is the nearest loo?”  Of course, most locals in Istanbul know how to speak English.  But of course, learning a few phrases will help.

Really, you don’t need to get a course on Turkish to get by your vacation.  You just need to know the requisite phrases so that you can ensure your enjoyment.
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Hello, how are you?                                     Mer-ha-ba.  Na-sill-si-niz?
Thank you                                                   Te-she-koor e-de-rim, saa- ōl
Welcome                                                     Hōsh gel-dee-neez
Response to someone saying “Welcome”    Hōsh bull-dook
Please                                                         Loot-fen
Good morning                                            Goo-naii-dun
Good afternoon                                          Too-naii-dun
Good evening                                             Ee-y ak-sham-lar
Good night                                                 Ee go-je-ler
Good bye                                                    Hoska Cal
Have a nice day!                                         Ee-yee gunler!
Excuse me (To get someone’s attention)   Pardon, bakarmisiniz?
Excuse me (to pass by someone)               Pardon, gesebeelirmiyim?

Are you English-speaking?                        Een-gee-leez-je bee-lee-yōr-moo-soo-nooz?
I don’t understand                                     An-lami-yo-room
Speak slowly, please                                  Loot-fen daha yavas konusun

Yes        E-vet
No        Ha-yur
Where is the hotel?               Otel nerede?
Where is the loo/toilet?        Tuvalet nerede?
How much?                          Ne kadar?
Check, please.                     He-sop loot-fen
Breakfast                             Kah-val-tu
Lunch                                  ōr – le ye-me-ee
Dinner/Supper                    Ak-sham ye-me-ee

Days of the Week:

Monday             Pa-zar-te-see
Tuesday            Sa-lu
Wednesday       Char-sham-ba
Thursday          Per-shem-be
Friday               Joo-ma
Saturday           Joo-mar-te-see
Sunday             Pa-zar

What is your name?                        Admiz ne?
My name is Anne?                          Benim adim Anne (or your name).
It’s my pleasure to meet you.        Memnun oldum
I love you                                      Seni seviyorum

Help!            Eemdat! Or Yar-dumet!
Stop!            Dur!
Fire!             Yangun!
Police           Po-lees
Doctor         Dok-tor

Bread                     Ek-mek
Water                     Soo
Purified water        Temeez Soo
Ice                         Booz
Beer                       Bee-ra
Coffee                   Kah-veh
Tea                       Chay
Salt                       Tooz
Sugar                    Sheker
Chicken                Ta-vuk
Fish                      Ba-luk
Beef                      Sih-ir et-i
Pork                     Do-mooz
Vegetable             Seb-ze
Soup                    Chor-ba


Taxi                Tak-see
Train               Tren
Bus                 O-to-bews
Subway           Metro
Right              Sah
Left                Sok
Middle           Orta
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